Benjamin Briskin

Strategy Instructor

Area of Study: BA/MS in Sports Management. Currently, working on his PhD in the Educational Leadership Policy Program.

“The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started.”
– Mark Twain

As a strategy instructor I know that building connections with my students is important, as well as the importance of staying on track and setting goals. Each student may have different areas to work on, but the ability to customize our Beyond Access program is one of the most motivating parts of each session we have with our participants. The growth of our students comes from the ability to individualize what areas they want to work on so that they can reach new plateaus.

I also like to make connections with the students I work with each semester. For example, I am a huge Boston sports fan! I love going to games and watching them on television. I also enjoy watching movies and I am a huge hat guy, I love to collect snapback hats and you will often see me wearing one of them.


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Benjamin Briskin
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