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Group Activities

Supplemental supports and activities provided to Beyond Access participants campus include study halls, our weekly Husky Hangouts social group, and social events. Currently, these activities are only available at the Storrs campus due to limitations in staff, space, and student interest.

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Study Halls

Beyond Access study halls are offered two to three times per week within the CSD office. These serve as opportunities for students to implement the plans they create with their Strategy Instructors in a quiet, comfortable environment.

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Husky Hangouts

Husky Hangouts is a weekly group facilitated by Strategy Instructors. Students propose topics for discussion with one option selected by the facilitators each week. Past topics have included disability awareness and self-advocacy, small talk, disability disclosure and accommodations in the workplace, nonverbal communication, social media, and dating etiquette. Strategy Instructors teach and provide opportunities to apply strategies, and students share their own experiences and advice with the group. There’s also time to make connections with other group attendees with conversation, games, and other activities!

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Social Events

Strategy Instructors host several events each semester. Past events have included a hike in the UConn Forest, game night, trivia, an ice cream study break at the UConn Dairy Bar, and pumpkin painting!