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Group Activities

These enhanced services, workshops and events are available to all enrolled BA students at no additional cost.

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Organized Study Halls

Staffed by Strategy Instructors, BA Study Halls are offered in Storrs on weeknights to help students to stay on track with homework by providing accountability and 1:1 support. Modeled after high school study halls, these occur in Storrs’ Homer Babbidge Library and give students an introduction to the library’s space.

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Circle of Opportunity

Join our panel that discusses student-generated topics.

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Husky Hangouts

The Storrs campus “Husky Hangout” meals series is a way to meet others and have lunch or dinner. Often, students will walk over to study hall or investigate campus activities and happenings after the meal.

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Wellness Events

A hike in the UConn forest might be just what you need on a fall day.

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Social Events

Our socials promote wellness, friendships, and opportunities.