Megan Hasty

Strategy Instructor

Areas of Study: BA in Psychology, Minor in Human Services. Currently working on her Master’s and 6th Year Certification in the Educational Psychology program.

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success” – Shiv Shera

As a strategy instructor that was that was an undergraduate less than a year ago, I understand how it can be challenging for students to balance responsibilities while living on campus. However, this is where Beyond Access comes into play. Beyond Access is great because it allows students to take control of their success and develop personalized strategies that help them along the way. As a strategy instructor, it is rewarding to be able to watch our students gain more confidence and flourish during their undergraduate career.

I think it is also extremely important to make personal connections with the different students that I work with each semester. I love music! I play four different instruments, but my main instrument is the piano. I also love sports and being active. I played college basketball while I was an undergraduate and currently enjoy CrossFit, going on walks, and swimming.


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megan h
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