Get Involved

Interested in working  as a Strategy Instructor in Beyond Access?  Once you work with Beyond Access you will see why we keep our team together. Beyond Access is considered one of the best positions on campus to work with other students.

There are two ways you can work as a graduate student in our Beyond Access program: Graduate Assistant positions and Graduate Student positions.

SI Expectations

Strategy Instructors meet regularly with assigned students within the Beyond Access program and provide one on one support by setting goals in the areas of academics, personal growth and career development.

Strategy Instructors present students with learning strategies

  • time management
  • memory and concentration
  • study skills, testing, organization, notetaking other academic skills
  • social and conversational skills
  • facilitating social events like nature hikes, lunches, meet-ups and playing sports

Strategy Instructors also work with students on strategies to promote student development and self-determination in social, emotional, academic and daily living realms. May include assisting student in identifying and accessing campus resources.


Allison Knight, Assistant Director for Assessment and Enhanced Services Programs, at (860) 486-2020 or